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San Antonio Carpet & Tile Cleaning is the very best carpet cleaning company we have ever had serve us. We had an appointment with another company to clean our carpet the day before my baby shower. The other company never showed. We have a new puppy who is just finally housebroken, and we were about to be stuck having the party in a living room that smelled like dog urine BIG TIME. Aaaaugh!

Then my husband remembered we had received a flyer that day from San Antonio Carpet & Tile Cleaning for the 5 Room Special. I called them and they had two absolute pros at our door by 8:00pm. I mean they looked and spoke more like CEO's than carpet cleaners. It was nice NOT to have the average, spooky looking carpet cleaners in my house like most places send out.

The job was big, but the guys had it done by 10:00pm, and it was dry and fresh smelling when we woke up in the morning. The shower could go on without holding our noses! This week I heard a report on FOX about carpet cleaning chemicals. Being pregnant, I was soooo glad I had this company do the cleaning with all organic products. The spots and odors are still gone after 9 days.

When Nick asked me to post my experience online today I was glad to do so.

Thanks to all y'all at San Antonio Carpet & Tile Cleaning, ESPECIALLY Patrick & Michael.



Pleasantly surprised to find that there still is a good, solid, American company that cares about vererans. Free service to all Purple Heart Recipients. Thank you, San Antonio Carpet and Tile Cleaning.


I am also a fan of this company.They do a good job, but they are also very POLITE.

Most carpet cleaners we have used are not very friendly.This company is a breath of fresh air-I wish they cleaned windows!

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